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Applying ozone gas at therapeutic concentrations to treat joint wear, sports injuries, ozone nucleolysis, ozone gas with its analgesic and regenerative properties and activating the immune system exerts its therapeutic effects. Compared to other methods in mani, it has few side effects.
– Disc herniation:
Certain types of discs can be treated by injecting ozone into the disc. This procedure, however, is performed in a sterile, in-hospital setting with the help of an outpatient c-arm device (without anesthesia and only with local anesthesia).
After ozone is injected into the disk, it takes about two to three weeks for the protruding portion of the disc to gradually recover.
– Joint wear:
Other uses of ozone are intra-articular injections, but in order to achieve the most therapeutic effect, injections should be repeated between 2 and 3 times at specified intervals.


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